Friday, October 19, 2012

Benefits of Driving a Toyota

Over the years, Toyota has experienced exponential gains in market share to become one of the world's largest auto makers. This manufacturer continues to build some of the most reliable, long-lasting vehicles on the road at a fair price while standing behind its line of vehicles. Besides a line up that is engineered and built exceptionally well for mass-produced models, Toyota also strives to continuously improve its product line. Whichever model you drive, you are behind the wheel of great value and dependability for the long haul.

At first glance of the sticker price, it is natural to cringe a little. Don't worry, a great deal is still possible at the dealer. But, understand that the price is perfectly justified. Toyota puts a lot of thought into the design and production of each vehicle. There is a reason certain models may cost more than comparable models from other brands. Yet, in many cases, the model Toyota offers for that specific class turns out the be the best value. Not only is this with respect to the initial cost of purchase, but also the overall cost of ownership. You can verify this through one of the major vehicle appraising websites or publications. Even though some models seem a little pricey, you're going to end up with a great deal in the long run. The philosophy of Toyota is that it's better to charge you a fair price for a well-made car rather than offer you a deep discount to essentially apologize upfront for the lack of quality.

Toyota vehicles are built with strict attention to detail. Every part is assembled to exacting specifications. Even little details that most consumers wouldn't notice are taken very seriously. For example, if you take a ruler or caliper and measure the gap between the hood and either front fender, you will find that the gap is the same on both the driver and passenger sides. The same holds true for vehicles equipped with a trunk or rear hatch. Even the fuel door is installed such that the gap is the same all around it. Now, try that with most other well-known mass-produced brands. Chances are you will not see that level of detail with many of the competitors.

Often times with some other auto makers, defects found by assembly line workers are shrugged off and allowed to pass along the line, hopefully to be fixed before arriving at the dealership. However, Toyota has given its assembly line workers the power to do something about these defects: stop the line and have the defect fixed. If the stops become too frequent in a day, the assembly stops at the plant and production resumes only when the source of constant defects has been found and corrected. This might mean that fewer vehicles are manufactured per hour when compared to other brands. However, this translates to a more dependable vehicle that will be on the road for years.

In the past, 100,000 miles was usually the end of a vehicle's useful life. For many Toyota vehicles, 250,000 miles or more is realistically attainable. Sure, that entails regular maintenance and upkeep, but bear in mind that the overall service costs for Toyota vehicles remain relatively low. Many of the parts, save for oil filters and wiper blades, are will last many miles before needing replacement. In many cases, you would sell or trade in the vehicle before ever having to replace an alternator or a starter.

Besides giving you miles of dependable service, many Toyota vehicles are known for their superb fuel economy. The amount of power and torque that can be achieved while maintaining a respectable gas mileage rating is as equally amazing. With a Toyota vehicle you are likely to go long distances before needing to refuel, even when you need to carry other people or stuff. This will be the case for as long as your own your Toyota.

Like most people, you will likely replace your vehicle with a newer model. When that time comes, you can take satisfaction in knowing that your Toyota has retained its value far better than many competing brands. This is good news whether you trade in your vehicle or sell it yourself. And, you can be assured that whoever becomes the new owner of your previous Toyota will also enjoy many miles of useful life.

Finally, by driving a Toyota, you are supporting an automaker that continuously seeks to improve its product while enhancing future vehicles with new technologies. Toyota released one of the first hybrid electric vehicles in the world to the general public. For those who prefer these types of cars, Toyota continues to improve upon hybrid vehicle technology while developing ways to introduce hybrid technology to other vehicles. This is the kind of dedication you can count on from a world leader in auto production.

So, whether you're buying your first Toyota or one of many over the years, you are driving mass-produced excellence. Your precision-crafted vehicle will provide you with many miles of reliable service while retaining resale value. Whether it's brand new or used, be confident that you will enjoy lots of dependability with Toyota cars and trucks.

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